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We create robots. We have thousands of Clients. To care about each of them is our priority.

Tiki has been created by people.
Our goal: To create an entire heritage.


Management system relying on mathematically-based outcomes. A parallel world of your earnings in the Internet.


The most convenient way to manage
a Tiki robot is “Tiki Broker”

Tiki Broker: you set up and start it.
See for yourself.

Want to increase your capital? It's easy.

Thousands of users learnt “arbitrage trading” all by themselves during the first 2 years of the Tiki service work. Our smart algorithm "Tiki Broker" independently performs a huge load of work.

We programmed the robot to work quickly and naturally. Daily. 7 days a week.

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In the recent 10 years, the world of sports betting has undergone major changes. A great number of people receive a steady income from betting using mathematical trading algorithms.

Why do Clients choose "Tiki Broker"?

Autonomous work of your account a choice of 4 tariffs Minimum settings of your profile Transparent statistics and complete information for analysis Monthly withdrawals of money earned by your account Tiki service has been operating for more than 2 years on the sports arbitration market We are recommended by thousands of satisfied Clients

Tiki Broker is a perfect technical product that has undergone multi-stage testing and is designed to serve each individual user for a long time.

Choose one of the tariffs and join our big # Tiki family. Partner program conditions are included in these tariffs.

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