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Tiki franchising is affordable for everyone.
With no exeption.

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logo Popular
logo In-demand
IT product
logo Generous
plan of compensations
logo Learning
and development
logo More than 15 countries,
100 cities
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for business

1. Tiki franchising is


The largest network
of franchises in this field


The best solution
for customers' reliability


Monthly improvements
and support from the portal


Support on each
stage of development


Money withdrawal
on Visa and Master Card


We provide full functionality for
your Clients

2. Tendencies are uppermost. We want our business to grow.

First stage:

logo Growing up to 100 000
franchises all over the world
logo Upgrade of existing
products and maximum of
operational automation
logo Adding new
products to Tiki
logo Increase of profitability ratio due to innovations
logo Data Provider
for worldwide portals
logo Charity

3. Business is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Result is obtained.

Tiki product to gain profits
Development of your own franchise
in order to get bonuses
The best solution for
home working. You'll be heard
Career development Additional
reward system

4. Economic aspects matter.

Let's look up at figures.

Initial installment: from 100$ up to 2 000$
Profitability: 40-45%
Time-to-value: from 1 month
Investments: 0$
Royalty: 0$
Additional payments: 0$

5. Each recommendation is paid

It's paid fairly


6. Big bonus. Binary marketing

We've added to your franchise in-demand
marketing plan


Binary marketing

It's even more profitable to make money with 2 teams

Get from $12 up to $240 for each

pair of sales in you teams.


Franchise 10 pairs 20 pairs 50 pairs 100 pairs 500 pairs 1000 pairs
(10% from pair)
1000$ 2000$ 5000$ 10 000$ 50 000$ 100 000$
(12% from pair)
1200$ 2400$ 6000$ 12 000$ 60 000$ 120 000$
Black Edition
(15% from pair)
1500$ 300$ 7500$ 15 000$ 75 000$ 150 000$

This page provides a description of the Tiki.Business reward system activities. The company Tiki.Business does not
guarantee that you will succeed.

7. Matching-Bonus



We are interested in making your time-to-value as short as possible.

We want you to succeed!



If one of your Partners increased sales
you instantly get bonuses for each sale.

On your personal account.

It's Black Edition franchise. Success at every step.

8.30 days bonus

2x Motivation! Fast start will help you to sell more

Reach your sales goal within 30 days and get:

For the personal recommendations:

picture from 1 500$
up to 3 000$
picture from 3 001$
up to 5 000$
picture from 5 001$
up to 10 000$
picture from 10 000$
and more

Fees will be charged on the 100th day after the end of the promotion

If you are on the "Gold" status and have a turnover of $3500, you'll get bonus
for "Personal recommendations": $350 + $245 (30-days bonus)


Partners who purchased the "Combo Gold" status package and above

Partners who upgraded their status to the "Combo Gold" status and above

You can sell any package of Tiki.Business

Personal sales result is counted in personal account of Partner

There is no limitation in quantity of recommendations within 30 days

If you are on the "Gold" status and have a turnover of $3500, you'll
get bonus for "Personal recommendations": $350 + $245 (30-days bonus)

* Bonus will be accrued in addition to your amount based on marketing.

9. Career development

Tiki will provide you its best. It's a decent offer.


Click here to learn more

Learn more

This page provides a description of the Tiki.Business reward system activities. Company

The company Tiki.Business does not guarantee that you will succeed.

10. х3 Benefit

The franchise with "Premium" status includes the "golden triangle"
You get 3 business places


Points accrue on it

Its activation depends on accomplishing 2

picture You are going to get
Black Edition
picture The condition 1 is met
qualification of the status

You have a right to upgrade to this status and you will get 2 business accounts

f you already have a "Premium" status franchise, 2 more business accounts will be automatically added

*Your points are accumulated in 2 business account To get this you should meet the conditions.


Black Edition. All IN!

The chosen one.


3 business accounts worth $2000.

There are no limitations and extra conditions.

One-time activation of this status means you will get 3 business accounts

Right away. Without any additional confirmations. It's 3x beneficial.

Worldwide business in cooperation with Tiki.

For the win.

Upgrade is possible up to this franchise.
For Upgrade from a lesser franchise package to
Black Edition, close "Manager" status

Your points accumulated upon reaching
the status "Manager" are activated on the lower
accounts automatically.

11. You'll get everything. Comprehensive list.

logo Professional training
logo Support for you and your clients on every stage
logo Updates for system that are available for free
logo Discounts on new products of the company
logo Account with company's product
logo Account with your own franchise.
logo Affiliate program
logo Binary marketing to develop franchising chain

12. Strategy. Your intentions.

Obtaining a
Learning from
specialists (weekly)
Using a system for development by
Tiki.Business (or your own)